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A highly trained, professional and focused team of experts who will look after you young man for seven days. Story of Man Bootcamp Therapy Program

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Our wilderness therapy program is one of a kind. A mix of military-style training, discipline and outdoor therapy. we provide a range of activities our young people to take part in, where the focus is teamwork, self-control, communication and conflict resolution. We do our activities outdoor as it has been proven that being in nature provide us with a calming influence. Our activities are focused, challenging, therapeutic, intensive and requires team effort to complete them over the seven days life of the program. Over the seven, five or three days, young people will do tasks focused on reflection, the therapy of nature, while they explore the wild countries of England and Wales. We have been blessed with a wonderful team of highly trained experts. Who’s will be with your precious youngsters through the entire process.

The challenges facing young men have been well documented. Per pressure, gangs, drugs, depression, isolation, violent crime, conflict resolution, transitions, dealing with change, problem solving and the list goes on. At our camp you young man will have to support and environment he needs to start facing and dealings with the pain and trauma his has been through so far in life. He will then be able to start his personal development and growth into learning how to write his own positive story.

We strongly believe the young men need clearly defined boundaries. We also believe in the ancient traditions of “the rights of passage”. These two pillar blended with military style training/discipline and proven outdoor therapy are solutions that are Proven to Positively benefit the lives of young people. All our tasked are done with a clear focus and outcome in mind that the young men will gain by completing said task. From our 5:30am morning PT, to our mountain hikes We might hikes, no matter what the activity. The outcomes are all focused on the overall development of the young man and is all apart of his therapy on that road to becoming better men. Our team is full of experience, the men who have severed in our armed forces, outdoor experts and therapists, (who will do daily group sessions and one-ones) with years of experience to mentors. We are all dedicated to development of your young men, helping them overcome the struggles they have been through and putting squarely on that road to a very positive story.


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  • Military style PT sessions (at 5:30 am every morning young men will be woken up by train army professionals to train)
  • Workshops (presentation by inspiring speakers on different career options )
  • Male grooming (teaching young men how to present their best selves)
  • Hiking
  • Counselling
  • Campfire
  • Outdoors living (exploration and camp living)
  • Therapy (done by our team of highly trading professionals)
  • Graduation

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